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Chris & Kelly's Wedding

October 25, 2003

Kelly's niece Kylee
Chris' cousin Jeff

Kelly's sister Leanne
friend Mike

Chris' sister Kim
Kelly's brother Scott

Kelly's sister Karen
friend Jeff

Kelly's sister Maureen
friend D

Kelly's sister Kristen
Chris' brother Jon


The Blushing Bride

Almost forgot the kiss!

The whole wedding party

We're there for you, Man

Just Kidding!

The Lovely Ladies

Matron of Honor
Best Man

Little boys in tuxedos are the cutest!

Chris' family

Kelly's family

The "in-laws"

The matchmaker

Let's get on with the party

What a beautiful fall day!

To the Brewhaus driver!


What's so funny?

Fishing talk, no doubt

The happy couple arrives at the reception

Not again

Best Man speech

That Best Man is hilarious!

Right on, brotha!


First dance

In your eyes, the light the heat...

Little Gretchen

Kim & Jared

MSOE table

I swear, the walleye was this big!

Not another fish story!


Suicide Barfnuts

Chris' uncles Mike and Dave
Kelly's nephew Justin

A grand entrance

Always gotta have the piggy back entrance

The spin move... nice!

"twin towers"


wheel-barrow, now that's getting creative!

Gettin' jiggy

How many beers do you need, Barfy?

What ya lookin' for under there?

Mike & Michelle

Dancin' all night!