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Team N-D
Canada 2003

"The Year of the Netman"

~Getting Started~

The Big Blue Whale

Anyone Need A Beer?
~The Hawgs~

Baby's First Hawg!
11.5 lbs

Awe, Isn't He Cute?

The Goat's 16 lb Hawg

Now THAT's A Hawg!

The Goat's Hawg Walleye
6 lbs

Is this really
Team N-D?

C's Hawg Again
So who netted all these
hawgs anyway?

~A Few Other Fish~

Baby's First Northern!

D catches fish too?

Gettin' Down
with the Scoobies!
2003 Edition

Another fine entry in...
The Goat Chronicles

Baby's First Walleye!

D can't catch Walleye!
Is this a joke?

Walleyes for Everyone!

Put a shirt on, flabby!
~The Drunk Bastard Chronicles~

Where Am I?

Not this again!

Think of a happy place

Is that D's shoe???
Somebody help me!
~A Suprise Awaits~

Is that a Bear????

It IS a Bear!


Thankfully he decided to
leave us, but not without
a parting staredown.
~2003 Crew~
(from left to right)

Jonny NoPants
The Goat
Big D.
Suicide Barfnuts
~Black Bear Lodge~

Welcome To
Black Bear Lodge

This is the main lodge

This is the main lodge again

Must be breakfast time.

This is our cabin

This is some other cabin

This was last year's cabin

The Docks

The Docks in the Morning

The Fishhouse

The Shithouse
(Pan Left)

The Shithouse
(Pan Right)
~A Day On Whale Rock~

Whale Rock
Front View

Whale Rock
Rear View

So what do you do at
Whale Rock?

Sgt. "Shotgun" Barfarelli
~Miscellaneous Pictures~

TP Overboard!

Looks like another job for

Somebody shave me!




Rubber Ducky,
you're the one!

Full Armageddon Suit

Has anyone seen our Barfy?

Let's see them hands!

Dinner A La
Count Barfula

Just Chillin'

Shitty's Loft