HoD Online          Keep your stick on the ice!

Team N-D
Canada 2004

"Rainbows -R- Us?"

~The Hawgs~

Big D's 18 lb Hawg

Again with the Hawg!

The Goat's Hawg Walleye
6 lbs 10 oz


Big D's Other Hawg
11.5 lbs

Play it again Sam!
~Other Fish~

Oh Look... A Walleye!

Oh Look... Another Walleye!

OMG Look at all the Walleye!

Did D really catch any of these?

Jonny does Walleye
~Miscellaneous Pictures~

Lake View of Camp

Has anybody seen my Cashew?

Mmmmm Jerky!


Rainbows -R- Us!


The Cabin

Keep them Pants Right There Mister!
~Whale Rock 2004~


21 Shotgun Salute?

Don't Even Ask