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I created this site as a way to help keep my friends & family current with what's going on in my life.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!

- Big D.

Links to Miscellaneous Pages and other HoD Productions
JG Online JG Online, is an Online version of Pedro Faria's (aka "Jarulf") Guide to the Classic Computer Game "Diablo" and its expansion pack "Hellfire". Diablo is a great online game and the community surrounding this game was even better. I can't even count how many delightful personalities I met online playing this game, many of which I still keep in touch with. As a way to give something back to this Diablo Community that has given so much to me, I created an Online version of the famed Jarulf's Guide. JG is considered by most Diablo players to be the definative resource for all things Diablo. This was my first HTML project ever, and is still being used by the (now sparce) remaining Diablo community. Enjoy!
Big D's HTML Color Table This is a tool that I put together to be used to help select colors for my various web page designs. Several friends of mine have requested that I put this up for them... so here's the link. Do note, that this display contains 4,096 different HTML colors across the color pallatte, but that is still less than 1% of the various shades that exist.
Big D's NCAA Tourney Pool Site Each year, I run an NCAA Tourney Pool. A couple years ago, I put together a web site, that I used for facilitating this pool, and communicating results and standings. Here's a link to that site. Do note that the base page for the site changes each year. I will keep this link up to date with these changes.
Shiloh Lounge NFL Pick-Pool Site A family friend from my home town (Oconto) runs an NFL pick pool each year. I put this site together to display rules and current standings for his pool.
2004 "Hudson Gathering" Info This is just an info page I put together for Jeff's latest and greatest version of the famed "Volovsek Fest". Pictures from Volovsek Fest's past and present can be found in the Pictorium.

D's Favorites - Links to Other Sites
Nemlu.com This is my brother-in-law's website. It's a very well designed site (for a Mac Baby), and a great place to catch up on the latest info from my sister Mandy (aka "Buck") and her family. Also there are TONNES of pictures of my one and only nephew Dade! You can't pass those up!!!
Wisconsin DNR Web Site Here's a link to the home page for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Lots of useful information on here, including links to current WI fishing regulations.
Lake-Link.com Lake-Link has quickly become one of my favorite sites. Lots of info on every lake in Wisconsin and many of the surrounding states as well.
Fishing Reports - Oconomowoc Lake Lake-Link fishing reports page, for Oconomowoc Lake
Fishing Reports - Okauchee Lake Lake-Link fishing reports page, for Okauchee Lake
Fishing Reports - Pewaukee Lake Lake-Link fishing reports page, for Pewaukee Lake
Fishing Reports - Pine Lake Lake-Link fishing reports page, for Pine Lake
Fishing Reports - Lake Delavan Lake-Link fishing reports page, for Lake Delavan
The DSF Community EZBoards Forums The DSF Community is one of the few remaining hang-outs from the wonderful Diablo community that I was a part of for so many years. Not a lot of people are still playing Diablo any more, but the community that remains is still a great bunch of people. I stop into these forums anytime I need to catch up with old friends.