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Hello and Welcome to HoD Online!

All site design, implementation and maintenance for HoD Online! is performed by myself, Derrick Frease (aka "Big D"). I created this site as a way to help keep my friends & family current with what's going on in my life. If you have any questions/concerns/requests, please feel free to send me an e-mail via the link on the menu.

Thanks for checking out my site, I hope you enjoy it!

- Big D.

Update Log

Last Updated:  12/16/2007


I've finally finished putting together a pics page for my 2007 fishing exploits... Check out the Pictorium now!

- Big D.



I've just completed transfering the site to our new home at www.bigd-online.com!

- Big D.


Pictorium Redesign Completed! New Volovsek Fest galleries added. Pics from Rick and Amber's wedding added. Pics from Shaun and Keri's Wedding added. All new pics compliments of Jeff.... Thanks Buddy!

- Big D.


Site Redesign

- Big D.


Ahhh... the long-awaited pictures from Chris & Kelly's Wedding are now up... and fully encaptionated by the bride herself!

- Big D.


2004 Packer and Badger Schedules are now up!

- Big D.


Pictures for Canada 2004 are now up... I might be adding a few more pics as I get them from other people.

- Big D.


Finally... This year's Canada pics are up for you enjoyment.

- Big D.


Speak of the devil... Pics from Gregg and Megan's Wedding are now online!

- Big D.


2003 Packer and Badger Football schedules are now up. 2003 Canada pics and pictures from Gregg and Megan's wedding are in the works.

- Big D.


Put up a small pics page for VolovsekFest 2002. More pics to come, as soon as Jeff has time to scan them in.

- Big D.


Made some font changes and some other minor formatting changes... see if you can guess what they are!

- Big D.


Check out the new banner... compliments of DeeBye.

- Big D.


OK! OK!!!! I get the message... the Network54 pop-ups on the message board are just too obnoxious! I forked over a few bucks to get rid of the advertisements while I'm deciding if this is worthwhile or not. Thanks for the feedback!

- Big D.


It seems I got a little sidetracked from my forefront of future development, and decided that I wanted to add a message board instead. Afterall what good is having a website if you can't solicite a little bit of feedback?

For now, I've decided go with a free forum from Network54, so there will be the obligatory advertising that comes with that. However, if I get a large enough regular following, I'll gladly cough up the few bucks a month it takes to remove the adds.

Anyway, I think I've got the forum looking pretty homey now, so get yourselves in there and check it out!

- Big D.


Well, I finally got a little time to work on this some more... been rather busy as of late. I think I've finally settled on the final format of things (for now), and I've converted my stand-alone pages to bring them up to spec. I've also fixed several of the Netscape viewing anomolies... provided you're using a semi-recent version of NS, that is.

On the forefront of future development, I'm planning on making a pics-page for the newest addition to my family... my new nephew Dade Ulmen! I'm also pondering putting together a links page, to show you some of the places that I'm frequenting nowadays. And, of course, one of these days, I will get around to putting up my Ramblings page, so you can all get a glimpse of true insanity.

If anyone out there has any requests or things they'd like to see here.... SEND ME AN E-MAIL, PLEASE!

- Big D.


Site is now online and open to the public. Netscape viewing will likely be a little off as I haven't worked out all the kinks between IE and NS and their CSS differences yet.

- Big D.